Turning 35 and A Great Relationship Analogy

Today I’m turning 35. I can hardly believe it. There’s something substantial about this age. It feels like I’m a real adult in the prime of my life. And the government must think so too, because, guys, I’m eligible to run for President now. Ha!

Anyway, birthday aside- I wanted to share something my co-worker told me yesterday that resonated.

I work in the film industry as a website editor, and my passion is screenwriting and television writing. Yesterday, my co-worker made an amazing analogy between what makes a successful film and what makes a successful relationship. Here goes the gist of what she said…

A film is ultimately art, right? The end goal is to make the audience feel something, touch their hearts in some way (even if it’s terrifying someone, as in the case of a horror movie). When I write, it’s to make people laugh and understand our shared humanity and maybe make them feel less alone. That’s what a good movie or TV show does for me.

But making films is also a business. You need to make money to be able to continue making films. The whole art and commerce thing…

So my co-worker’s analogy was this – the relationship between art and film is similar to the one between your heart and your head in a romantic partnership. Your heart may love the person you’re with, but your head may say that person is unhealthy for you. Ultimately, you want to find someone that you both love and is logically right for you.

heart head

Happy 34th Birthday, Jane!!! (And All About the Magical Number 34)

It’s after midnight, which means it’s officially the New York birthday of one of my absolute favorite people in the world: my strong, beautiful, talented, and amazing co-blogger and best friend- Jane Miller!

Jane is one of the most kind, fun, creative, and exciting people I know, and I’m proud to call her my friend for more than 16 years now! The thirties have only continued to bring us both new adventures and growth, and each year we explore something unique and different- I’m excited for the new joys and wild discoveries that this year will bring.

In tribute to Jane’s 34th birthday, I’m gonna list some of the coolest, wackiest and most interesting meanings, uses and symbolism for the number 34:

  • The Magic Constant of a 4×4 magic square is always 34
  • magicsquare
  • 34 is the 9th Fibonacci number
  • The Internet rule #34 is: “If it exists, there is porn of it.” Hmmm, interesting…
  • Dave Matthews has a pretty relaxing song called #34.
  • 34th street in Manhattan is “Herald Square”- a very famous and busy area of New York.
  • 34 is the atomic number of selenium.
  • There are 34 islands in the Mediterranean (hint, hint, might be birthday trip time).
  • 34 in numerology represents strength gained through experience, as well as growth obtained from observation of both people and things.
  • Also according to numerology, 34 symbolizes inner wisdom and intuition. The essence of 34 in this realm is:
    • Introspection
    • Analysis
    • Creative self-expression
    • Optimism
    • Spirituality
    • Pragmatism
  • The biggest numerological symbolism of 34 is knowledge of self and accumulation of wisdom.
  • 3.4 is internet slang for “all the time” or “constantly”..this is derived from the term 24/7 turned into its decimal equivalent, 3.4. Jane is constantly awesome.
  • 34 is a heptagonal number– a mathematical term meaning that it’s a figurate number that represents a heptagon- a figure that has 7 sides. And 7 is the best single digit.
  • Most importantly, 34 means HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!!! I love you so much!!!
IMG_8529 (1)

Happy Birthday, Jane!!!! Woohoo, New Year!

Happy Birthday OMG I’m Thirty! And thank you to our amazing readers!!

We’re sending so much love to you, our wonderful friends and readers and are so thankful to you always and especially on this special day! It’s our birthday and we’re extremely excited to be one year old!

Remember when you were one year old? Nope neither do I. That was more than thirty plus years ago 🙂

It’s my actual birthday today as well, and it’s extra wonderful to remember that last year we launched this blog for the first time this day last year- the day I turned thirty! I’m psyched to see what thirty one will bring, and I’m really grateful to still be writing for OMG I’m Thirty!

We’ve published over 250 blog posts this year!!! OMG!!!! That’s a lot of thirties info!

We’re so happy and grateful that you’ve come along with us for the thirties ride, and the blog ride, and we’re thrilled for many more exciting years to come!

Thank you so much for reading! We love you so much!!

-Laura and Jane

2014-12-03 15.03.22

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!!!

Yayyyy!!! Today is Jane’s birthday!!!

The amazing 33! Woohoo!!!!

Happy Birthday to the best Best Friend and Co-Blogger a girl could ask for!! 

I wish I was there to celebrate with you, Jane! But I know you’re having a blast vacationing with your man in Palm Springs! 🙂

Even though you lose an hour of your day to Daylight Savings Time, we’re going to officially call this Jane’s complete birthday week! So there will be many hours more added to the celebration time!

Thanks to our wonderful readers and friends for joining us as we all continue to celebrate birthdays together!

old jane w glasses

Or spending time with my friend..







photo 2

Love you!!!



Sending Hundreds of Invites to Your 30th Birthday

There’s this NY Times article that both normalizes the 30th birthday and simultaneously makes it a lot more intimidating.

The writer starts by letting us know that the 30th birthday has now become an occasion to celebrate, complete with champagne and festivities. There’s no more need to be embarrassed or to hide from this landmark birthday. Great news! The 30th has become a cool rite of passage-  the contemporary sweet 16.

Then the article takes a strange turn and inflates the birthday party to epic proportions, with celebrations so huge that entire Facebook friend lists are invited from different stages of life (the piece is from 2003, so FB isn’t referenced…but 600+ people were invited to these birthday parties using some means of communication…and I’m impressed this was done without Facebook, actually). For some of the parties, there are invitees from the “life stage”s of age 0-6, 6-18, College, Post-College, and Work. These behemoth blowouts strike me as more overwhelming than the 30th birthday itself.

I mean, I’m glad that 30th birthdays are getting to be more cause for celebration than intimidation, but I don’t think that making my birthday party into a networking event would make it any more fun. In fact, that kind of party seems terribly uncomfortable. I don’t think I’d know what to say to the hundreds of people I hadn’t spoken to in years. That is, if they even showed up.

I’m happy to celebrate with the same close group of friends I always celebrate with. For me, having my favorite people still with me after all this time is good cause for a party.

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