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  1. Great article, I have been writing a financial blog to help young Canadians to learn about investing and financial planning. You are on the right track and miles ahead of most people your age.


  2. Fantastic. I’ve had a 401k with work for the past 13 years. I recently opened an IRA & Roth IRA. I’m 43 and decided to really get serious about my future. I loved this article. Thank you so much.


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  4. Thanks for reading and commenting, Vanessa! I totally understand- I too have a student loan and have a lot of money going into it 😦 When you get your emergency fund to a comfortable beginning amount, you could consider opening a retirement account, and/or contribute to one your job may provide. I now contribute equally to my emergency fund and my retirement account, after I made sure I had a beginner buffer in my emergency fund of about a month and a half of salary.


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