About Us

Hello, Friends!

We’re Jane Miller and Laura Pestronk. Lifelong friends and native New Yorkers. We met in high school when we both joined a youth theater group called Downtown Art. Our first show was “Singin’ in the Rain.” We’ve kept close over the years, through career switches, boyfriends, late nights, and cross country moves. 

Our goal is to blog about life in your thirties – the good, the bad, and the scary stuff. Here’s a little bit about each of us.

Laura Pestronk     Age: 33                                                      Jane Miller  Age: 35


Jane: I live in Los Angeles where I am a writer. Before I moved to LA, I lived in NYC for almost thirty years where I worked a variety of jobs in the arts. I love to read and I’m obsessed with great TV. I’m engaged to a funny charmer and we’re getting married this June.

Laura:  I’m a tradeshow presenter and product specialist and I travel a whole lot for work. Half my life right now is possibly spent on moving vehicles…which is an amazing feat because I’ve always been considered prone to motion sickness. I grew up in Manhattan and now live in, and am pretty obsessed with, the borough of Queens… I’m a cofounder of a Queens based theater company called Mission to (dit)Mars and I run over the Queensboro bridge as much as possible (as long as it’s warm outside.) I truly dislike the cold but I love hot vegetarian food, Netflix marathons, and staying up late but sleeping in.

Here are some helpful first posts explaining even more about who we are and why we created this:

Welcome! I’m Jane.

Hi, I’m Laura. And I’m also thirty. Today. 

What the 30’s Decade Means to Me – by Jane

The Broad Question of 30 – by Laura


Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love the blog concept! As I’m almost 29 now (and dreading my thirties to say the least), this is really the ideal thing to be reading about. You guys make the next stage sound fabulous! Looking forward to your adventures.

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