Hi, I’m Laura. And I’m also thirty. Today.

“Are we there yet?”

Oh my god, we are here. This is it. This. Is. 30. I’ve just turned 30 today. Eek, the 40 year old version of this movie wasn’t so good. So I hope this is a better place.

But where exactly am I?

I don’t know. Have 30 years of my life really gone by? Wow. That seems like a lot.

I have memories of being 8. Of being in grade school and reading about the lives of the sisters in the book ‘All of a Kind Family’ and wishing I was younger so that I could be the same age as the sister named ‘Charlotte.’ Because I really liked the name Charlotte.

I remember being 10. Of standing in a D’Agostinos supermarket on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and staring at 9 lone bottles of maraschino cherries and profoundly thinking: I’ll never be a single digit age again.

And then, at 15, I remember sitting in a youth theater and reminiscing about the twists and turns my life must have taken to get me to where I was. I thought:  ‘I can’t believe all of my decisions have led me here. To this theater. To being cast in this stage version of ‘Singin’ In the Rain.’ Right now. How does life work that way?’ And then I turned around and met Jane.

Jane was getting ready to rehearse with me for the show, but for a moment, we were just strangers sitting in an audience. And then Jane and I went out for pizza one day after rehearsal and watched another cast member shove his face into a pizza pie and throw all his money into the street and do some more crazy things that feel like a dream now, but I’m pretty sure were real. I don’t know what became of that cast member, but laughing at his craziness at the time caused Jane and I to start bonding.

And then Jane and I continued bonding and found out that we went to the same high school and realized we sort of had everything in common. We both loved theater, could gossip for hours, were obsessed with pizza in all of its forms, could laugh until it was physically painful, enjoyed planning all of our future romances, and plotted crazy schemes involving catching criminals and solving the biggest mysteries of the universe.

Come to think of it, not much has changed.

At 15, we became the closest of friends. Fast forward countless birthdays, laugh fests and cry fests later, and here we are in our thirties. And because we still love exploring the mysteries of the universe, and can’t resist a good laugh, we want to stop and explore the thirties. And the idea for this website was born.

A major thing Jane and I both have in common is an obsession with painful truths that lead to possible enlightenment. We also both love sharing and listening to stories about maybe horrible but often hilarious experiences. And we feel the need to write everything and anything down. So we ask you: what are the thirties about? What does this strange age mean? The aim is to find answers, truths, stories, or perhaps even more questions about the strange phenomenon that is the thirties. Nothing is off-limits- we talk about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous. The goal is to smash up the stereotypes and spill out the stigma of thirty.

Instead of what the thirties should be, we want to open up what they are and what they can be. We hope you enjoy the exploration, join in on the laughter, and help us crack some unsolved mysteries.



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