Let’s Have a ‘Peanut’ Party!

Do you host parties or get togethers at your home? I used to a lot more, but since I’ve gotten older, I haven’t. The last time I hosted a party was three or four years ago, when my fiancé and I had a potluck. Here’s the thing though – I love the idea of hosting, I really do. It’s so nice to think about people you love (or like a lot) coming together in your home? But when the day actually comes to host, I’m completely overwhelmed. Firstly, I’m naturally a people pleaser and secondly, I’m an introvert who enjoys one-on-one conversations over talking to a group. So hosting a gathering at my house makes me feel more than a little nervous.

UnknownSo…when I heard about the idea of ‘peanut’ parties, I was instantly smitten. Here’s what they are and the story behind them.

My dad lives in a “Plus 55” community in Florida. Apparently, the crowd there is very social and they all have a lot of events and gatherings. The other day, he told me about something they have called a “peanut” party. It’s basically when a host has a party where he/she simply supplies peanuts and opens his/her home for exactly one hour. The guests bring their own beverages, alcoholic or not. It’s kind of gimmicky but I love it! It takes the burden off the host, and I’m assuming one of the great benefits of ‘peanut’ parties is that you can have them a lot because they are so easy. It’s a great way to keep in more regular contact with your friends when you’re in your 30s and things get busy.

If I hosted a ‘peanut’ party, I’d probably change things a little bit – the time limit would be two hours instead of one and I’d probably have Trader Joe’s appetizers instead of peanuts. An hour limit is pretty short when you live in a city like New York or Los Angeles, mainly because the commute times are often 30-45 minutes each way. I’ve always felt like the time you spend at a party should be longer than the combined commute to and from that party.

Maybe I’ll throw my first peanut party this Summer! Perhaps a popsicle party would be better…

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