I’m Pimping Out the Amy Schumer Show

Have you watched The Amy Schumer Show on Comedy Central? It’s amaze-balls. It’s a sketch comedy show created by and starring comedian Amy Schumer. What I love most about the show is that Amy tackles really big issues (rape, wage inequality, female body issues) in hilarious ways.

For women in our age bracket, 20s and 30s, her sketches are really resonant. She’s got one sketch about how hard it is for women to accept compliments from other women, as in, we always downplay the compliment. Or, another great sketch is about a girl who’s dating a loser wannabe rapper bad boy, and how she always ditches her best friend for him though clearly he is like the WORST BOYFRIEND EVER.

Want a get a taste of her humor? Check out her speech from three days ago at The Glamour Awards 2015.

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