Simple Thoughts to Remember If You’re Pursuing Something Challenging

Lately I’ve been bumming out over how little progress I feel I’ve made with my writing. While I’m writing more than ever, I’m not getting the meetings or the feedback I would like. It can feel disheartening. So, I was buoyed a little reading this article about Louie CK, comedian extraordinaire. He has some wise words for those of us struggling to pursue something artistic, or something just plain challenging.

Here are some encouraging quotes from his article in The Hollywood Reporter:

“I didn’t start doing really well until I was about 42 years old; I’m 47 now, so I got 42 years against five good ones. I still have a lot to draw from, and life doesn’t get easier. It’s still cold when I’m outside like it is for everybody else.”

“I definitely have huge benefits to how well I’m doing, but you do find yourself missing the climb. It’s a little like Mount Everest. When you summit, you spend about 20 minutes up there, and you do a little dance, but if the 20-minute dance was really it, would you really risk your life for the amount of work it takes to get up and down? So every time I feel like I’ve found a clearing, I try to find something else that I don’t know how to do yet. That’s just much more interesting to me.”

Remember to enjoy the journey, because that’s half the fun.

louis_ck_660Love you, Louie.

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