Would you be friends with your mom if you were the same age?

How beautiful is this photo series by photographer Danielle Delph?


In a nutshell, this photographer took old photos of her mother at her age and photoshopped herself in, so it looks like her and her mother are hanging out together. It’s really sweet and touching.

I’d like to think I’d be friends with my mom if we met in different circumstances and were the same age. And even if we weren’t the same age, I’d like to think we’d still be friends. (FYI, I’m fascinated by friendship between women of vastly different ages, so if you’ve got  a story, please share with me.)

This photo series made me think about how I’ve discovered my parents personalities in deeper ways in the past 5-7 years and how even people closest to us can maintain a sense of mystery. I think when parents retire, a shift from obligation to personal exploration seems to happen for them. With my own parents, they both began to try new opportunities and almost gained a kind of youthful curiosity about certain things. It was exciting to see, and almost somewhat scary. Sometimes you think of your parents are immutable beings, steadfast and fixed in your memory and consciousness.

Accepting that my parents are growing just like I am is a beautiful thing. I’m learning about my parents as human beings, in much the same way new parents get to know their babies as they grow up into toddlers with their own distinct personalities.

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