Have You Ever Used a Pendulum to Access Your Intuition?

Until yesterday, I had never heard of the idea of using a pendulum to access your intuition in a stronger way. Have you? Basically, there’s a well-known practice of dangling a pendulum over your pulse (ideally, your wrist) and letting it adjust to your natural bodily rhythms and then asking the pendulum to give you yes/no answers to questions.

Before we get too far here, do you know what a pendulum is? It’s basically a weight suspended from some kind of pivot point that allows it to swing freely. Imagine a necklace with a crystal at the end of it. To make your own pendulum, all you need is a nice piece of jewelry (a ring works just fine) or a crystal, and some thread. You hang the jewelry or crystal on the thread and let it dangle naturally at the bottom of the thread. You hold it over it your wrist, STEADY, and ask to for its “yes;” what movement means “yes.” Then, you watch as the pendulum swings into a natural yes rhythm. While you wait for the yes, you have to consciously think “Yes, yes, yes…”, getting into the YES frame of mind. Then, you do the same with the “No.” You’ll see how the pendulum begins to swing in a new, recognizable “no” pattern.

And now, you’re set to ask the pendulum a question. You want to ask questions that clarify YOUR internal feelings. You can’t ask questions about what other people are thinking, but you can ask about feelings you may be having that you’re ambivalent about, or questions for which your body may have the answer to (i.e., am I deficient in iron?). Apparently, certain families use it to predict what a baby’s gender will be. The idea is that the pendulum taps into the “energy” within your body and it basically accesses what’s happening for you at a subconscious level.

This might sound a little (or, a lot) new agey, but it makes physical sense, using your pulse as a kind of mind reader – like a lie detector test.

My co-workers and I all used it, and I swear, it worked on ALL of us. We each had a distinct “Yes” and “No” and our questions were answered in a definitive way.

So, if you’re looking for a little guidance, why not try creating your own pendulum?


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