Summer Camp for Adults

How are you kicking back this Summer? Hopefully you’ve got a vacation or at least a three-day weekend planned. I don’t have a proper vacation on the horizon, but since I’m job hunting, I do have a lot of down time. So I’ve been doing relaxing things like watching my favorite new shows (Seven Year Switch on FYI, Amy Schumer Show, Fresh Off the Boat), reading, general loafing, indulging in long phone conversations and eating delicious things. But it’s not quite the same as vacation. Not even close really, especially because I have the spectre of the job hunt looming over all my free time.

I was lucky enough to get a job for a week at an arts camp, which I started today, so that’s been fun. Being at the camp reminds me of my own experiences at both day camp and sleep away camp, and how they both really allowed my mind to wander and reset itself. I can’t say I loved camp (all that constant socializing can be hard for an introvert!), but I appreciated being out of NYC for awhile, and how the days felt so different from school days.

Would you ever consider Summer camp for adults? And yes, they do do exist! This place sounds very cool to me:  Camp Grounded. The focus of this camp is about digitally detoxing. Their motto is “disconnect to reconnect.” You basically give up using your phone, social media accounts, etc. and have an off-the-grid weekend participating in activities.

There are tons of specific interest camps – like the Culinary Institute of America camp, or Long Island Wine Camp. But the old-fashioned summer camp experience for adults sounds more up my alley – including color war, s’mores and bonfires. This place sounds like another fun option, Camp No Counselors. Though, just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to attend – they cherry-pick their guests to create a dynamic mix of people.

I guess organizing a weekend get-away with your friends is similar – and doesn’t require any application process or hefty fees. Still, the idea of being “taken care” of at a summer camp and provided with specific entertainment sounds pretty great to me. Maybe one day…


Taking a “break” from camp at the UCLA sculpture garden

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