Hindsight on VH1

Have you heard of the TV show Hindsight on VH1? It’s a show about a woman in her late 30’s who, on the eve of her second marriage, is magically transported back to the eve of her first marriage in the 1990’s. She basically has to decide what decisions she would make again, all with the help of her childhood best friend, with whom she reconnects after being estranged  for ten years. The show asks, if you knew how your life would turn out, what would you change? In our thirties, it definitely seems like our decisions have a lot of weight somehow – as if each choice will somehow define the rest of our decades. In truth, many of them probably will (if and who you marry, having kids, etc.), but we’re still allowed to make mistakes.

I watched the pilot today and I was impressed. Not only did the 90’s references boost my spirits, but I love TV shows and movies about 30-something women. Too often when 30-something women are portrayed in the media, we see the same hackneyed characters – the stressed workaholic corporate woman who has no time for a relationship but desperately wants one, the frazzled stay-at-home mom, or the single and unemployed artsy character – just to name a few. I’m happy to see a different type of heroine on this show, and especially thrilled that there’s a show on the air like this – a show that deals with the intricacies of female friendship and how somehow you can regret how those relationships ended even more than romantic relationships.

A few episodes are streaming for free VH1’s website for the show, so I highly recommend checking them out.


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