And We’re Almost Done with the First 1/4 of 2015…

It’s March 9th and we’re rounding the corner on finishing the first fourth of 2015. Can you believe that? As trite as it is to say, but I’m going to say it anyway, time truly does fly. It’s so easy to get off-track on your big goals during the day-to-day of living life. I was thinking a lot about this after I received a text from a friend this morning asking about my birthday weekend. She said she hoped that my weekend had given me a chance to reflect on my year and my future. I loved this, because it’s so important to be reminded to reflect and make sure you’re headed in the direction you want to go.

So I ask you today – have you stuck to your 2015 resolutions? Did you get closer to your goals in January, February and the start of March?

Personally, I’ve definitely done some great writing, creating work I’m proud of (big goal #1). But in terms of health and wellness, I haven’t been eating all too well or exercising much lately. Can I blame this on graduate school? Perhaps. I did make a somewhat small-ish New Years’ resolution that I’ve kept so far – not being hungover at all in 2015. And so far, so good. It might seem small to some folks, but I have social anxiety sometimes, and I end up drinking too much at parties or events where I’m around strangers. Also, for me, 3 drinks or more usually results in being hungover. An extra glass of wine can be the tipping point to losing my Sunday to low energy.

So as your first 1/4 of 2015 rounds down, ask yourself if you’re directing your time and energy in the way you set out to in those inspired early days of 2015.

Because, where do you want to be when….


rolls around?

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