Happy Birthday Leap Year Day Baby!

Are you in your thirties but born February 29th? Then we want to say a very happy belated birthday to you, Leap Day Baby! How exciting that you’re in only 7 or 8 years old!

For those of us that know leap day babies, or are just curious about leap year (which wasn’t this year but will happen next year, here are some interesting leap year facts:

Leap year happens every 4 years and will next occur February 29, 2016.

Leap year occurs in February because February used to be the last month of the year.

Leap Day Babies got that nickname (as opposed to calling them Leap YEAR Babies) because the whole year is leap year. They were born ON Leap Day IN a Leap Year.

People born on February 29 are all invited to join The Honor society of Leap Year Day Babies.

Guinness Book of Records verifies a family with three consecutive generations born on February 29- the Keogh family. Peter Anthony was born in Ireland on February 29, 1940, his son Peter Eric was born on Leap Day in the United Kingdom in 1964. His daughter, Bethany Wealth, was born in the UK on February 29, 1996.

Julius Caesar introduced the leap year around 45 BC.

About 4 million people in the world have been born on a leap year.


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