Is Your Job Suited to Your Personality?

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? It’s considered one of the top personality questionnaires available, and it measures how people perceive the world and make decisions. You can take the test on lots of different websites, but I recommend 16 Personalities. It’s completely free and the test takes about twelve minutes to complete.

I discovered that I was an INFP, an introvert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving person. When I read the description, I was pretty amazed at how accurate it seemed. I am an idealist who lives very internally. I avoid conflict, and I don’t give myself enough credit for accomplishments (though I’m kind of giving myself credit now, aren’t I?).

Once I dove deeper into resources surrounding the findings of the Myers-Briggs, I discovered a host of websites catering to specific personality types. There’s a ton of crappy SEO content websites, but some sites are actually very informative. In particular, there are a ton of great resources for finding jobs suited to your personality. I came across this awesome info graphic about which jobs are best suited for different personalities.

The best job fits for me are: author/writer and counseling/social services work. This is pretty accurate, considering I’m a writer now and I’ve always thought if I wasn’t pursuing writing, I’d probably be getting my Masters in Social Work or Psychology. And hey, I still might.

Take the test if you haven’t already. And if you have, check out the personality types. Does your position match your personality?

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  1. Sorry Jane, but your post touched a sensitive spot. This may sound like a rant and I apologize.

    I feel that some tests end up putting labels on young adults that can be damaging.
    Did you know that Albert Einstein was a poor math student? Ask yourself how many of your friends career choices were limited because of test results?

    I believe that your personality will change as time goes by. The change could be from getting married to someone who encourages you to leave your comfort zone. Having children can be a life changing experience. A tragic life experience like losing a love one or dear friend will change your mindset and even your career choice.

    Personal growth and a successful career comes from tearing down walls and barriers. Labels and tests tend to put them up.

    Thank you, I feel much better now!


  2. No apologies, needed. I encourage other points of view. I definitely don’t think people should pick careers based on a personality test, and I highly doubt people actually do. I think our internal compasses are much stronger than a test. What I should have been clearer about is that these tests can help if you’re wondering why a job makes you unhappy, or if you’re looking for new career options.

    Having worked in several “corporate” jobs, they would often give us the Myers-Briggs test during company retreats or summits, and it was actually helpful. It helped us find ways to adjust our positions to incorporate more of the work we may enjoy at that time in our lives.

    And yes, I do agree that personalities shift over time.

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