How Good Are You At Cooking By Your Thirties?

I recently read an article on Thrillist called 11 Dishes You Should Be Able to Make by the Time You’re 30. I could make 3 of them.

Now, this seems unfair. I consider myself to be a good cook, and I cook all the time. My Seamless and Grubhub accounts have been collecting dust (tech dust) for years, and I’m fantastic at saving money by not only cooking at home, and in hotel rooms, but cooking at home and in hotel rooms with whatever is lying around.

So let’s go over the list that Thrillist made, cause it seems kinda random:

1. Scrambled Eggs. Okay, this one I understand. Cooking eggs by 30 is important. Eggs are easy and full of protein. And check, I got scrambled eggs down. It’s not the best dish ever, but I can do this just fine.

2. Mac and Cheese. Half check. This is ironic because mac and cheese is actually my favorite food. Don’t get me wrong, I can easily make a mac and cheese, but I’d have to follow a recipe. I try not to keep cheese in the house because I’m addicted to it and am also slightly allergic. So I really only have mac and cheese occasionally when I’m out. Actually, I can make a mean vegan mac and cheese..if that counts. I kinda like that mac and cheese is on this 30’s list, cause I find it important…

3. Tomato Sauce. Belongs on the 30’s list…it’s an important basic. But I cannot make this. It’s been on my list of ‘recipes to perfect’ forever. Buying a jar is just so easy though… But I plan to get good at making it. One day.

4.  Pizza. Do english muffin pizzas count? I’ve never tried to make pizza, but I really want to. It’s also on my list of ‘recipes to perfect.’ But I don’t think it needs to be on the 30’s list. Pizza is so easy to just order in.

5. Grilled Steak. I’m a vegetarian. I have an excuse. And I don’t think it needs to be on the thirties list…but that’s me.

6. Roasted Chicken. Vegetarian. Off my thirties list…but this might be a good one for others.

7. Salmon. I hate seafood. Plus, vegetarian, remember? And no for the list… I’m grossed out and don’t think salmon is important.

8. Guacamole. Yes! I make a great guacamole! Guacamole is its own food group to me! Yes for the thirties list!

9. Meatballs. You know why I don’t make these. Totally not on the thirties list.

10. Skillet Burger. See above for why I don’t make them. But I really want to start making veggie burgers. However, like pizza, I think burgers are easier and better to order in or grab while out and don’t belong on the thirties list.

11. Cookies. Yes! I’m a fantastic baker. I think being able to bake at least SOMETHING well totally belongs on the thirties list.

Okay, so my reasons for wanting many things on or off the thirties list are arbitrary.

What do you think? Did Thrillist do a good job? Can you make these? What’s on your ‘must be able to cook by thirty’ list? I’d love to read your comments below! 🙂

I recently baked some bread, and was quite proud of myself! But bread should definitely not be on the thirties list...too hard.

I recently baked some bread, and was quite proud of myself! But bread should definitely not be on the thirties list…too hard.

Being able to make a soup is a good one for the list I've made some split pea soup to go with the bread.

Being able to make a soup is a good one for the list I’ve made some split pea soup to go with the bread.

photo 2

Mmmm…fresh baked bread…

The Best Foods For Your Thirties

What foods do you love now but hated before? I made a list of foods that I’m now obsessed with including:

1. Mushrooms

I used to HATE mushrooms- it’s a texture thing. Now I really love them. This is partially because of my forays into cooking- mushrooms add a ton of flavor to everything.  I still can’t do a huge portobello in a burger, though. Gross.

2. Hot Sauce

I used to really dislike hot sauce and couldn’t figure out why people were into it. Now it’s everything. It’s especially good on mac and cheese that’s too bland…like most vegan mac and cheeses.

3. Jalapenos

Like hot sauce, these were avoided like the plague. Now, I like to infuse my sauces, and even my drinks, with jalepenos.

4. Lemons

Was never a big citrus fan. But now with the whole lemon water craze, I’ve been trying lemons as a condiment…making salad dressings out of them and even squeezing them in my water glass way more often.

5. Wasabi

I must just have a higher tolerance for spicy foods nowadays, but suddenly no sushi meal is complete without this previously hated side paste.

6. Whisky

Okay, not a food, but I now seriously love me some Old Fashioneds…and I’m the girl who used to spit them out.

7. Beer

Another non-food, but I never liked beer, and for quite awhile I thought I was allergic to it. Now I’m all about it- especially craft beer and beyond …I’ll always love my usual belgian favorites but I’ve moved on to beefier porters and stouts…plus strawberry beer!

So those are the foods (and drinks) that my tastebuds have added to their happiness repertoire in my thirties.

I googled “best foods for your thirties,” and found a bunch of articles with foods that are reccomended for this time in our lives. You can check on some of them them here and here and here. Below is a summary list of the foods that repeated the most, the ones I think are best, and why they are important:

  1. Water– Essential nutrient. If you add nothing else to your diet, add more water. It’s everything, no matter what your age.
  2. Bananas– Good source of potassium. Helps with high blood pressure/ hypertension. (I love these. They’re almost an everyday occurrence for me.)
  3. Beans– Rich in antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Good for your skin. (I’ve already been adding these to everything I can for years- they’re a great vegetarian source of protein. )
  4. Nuts– Loaded with Vitamin E and B which both boost the immune system. Walnuts are known to soothe stress. Nuts are also good for your skin. And, because of their arginine content, they’re known to boost sex drive as well! Just don’t overdo it now that you know their benefits- a handful a day is plenty 🙂
  5. Fish– Full of essential fatty acids. Good source of vitamin A and reduces cartilage swelling and inflammation. For vegetarians like myself, try ground flaxseed instead.
  6. Avocados (a superfood, and quite delicious- loaded with folate for fertility, good fat for your skin, and lots of vitamins B and E). Guacamole, anyone?? 😀
  7. Oatmeal (One of my favorite diet staples- an amazing source of iron, full of fiber, plus magnesium to tame muscle stress)
  8. Leafy greens, broccoli, bell peppers– full of vitamin c, protein, vitamin e, and antioxidants. Spinach, ounce for ounce, has more protein than steak!
  9. Berries: Great sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, plus they’re just plain delicious. Blueberries are the ultimate superfood.

So enjoy the foods that are great for your health, and the foods and drinks that taste even better as you get older. Stay healthy and enjoy your thirties to their fullest…even if that means adding hot sauce to everything and going for the absolute tastiest top shelf whisky! 😉



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